DNA testing identifies lost Vietnam-war dead

The Vietnam war ended almost 40 years ago, but for many people, there has been no closure.  Thousands of Vietnamese are still searching for family members believed to have been killed during the conflict. Now DNA testing is helping some of them identify the remains of loved ones.

Sorenson Genomics played a significant role in DNA testing and victim identification for the December 26, 2004 Tsunami disaster in Thailand.  The Human Genomics DNA Laboratory at Sorenson Genomics employs state-of-the-art instrumentation and genetic analysis for DNA sequencing and other genomics services.  Our DNA testing expertise includes DNA genotyping, DNA sequencing and fragment analysis for use in population genetics, human genotyping, and clinical diagnostics.  We specialize in DNA testing for forensic science, consumer products, medical clinics and research projects. Sorenson Genomics offers expertise in managing high-throughput DNA testing projects including specimen collection, extraction, purification, DNA genotyping, DNA sequencing, analysis, and database development for the advancement of new genomic discoveries. Our world-class Human Genomics DNA Laboratory performs high throughput core laboratory functions available to other scientific or academic institutions, external investigators, and government or commercial enterprises.

For information about the instrumentation utilized in our world-class DNA laboratory and its capabilities, click here.

YouTube video of Al Jazeera’s Wayne Hay’s report from Hung Yen on the DNA identification effort of the fallen Vietnamese can be viewed here.

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