Sorenson Forensics Boosts Workforce, Lab Space to Accommodate Increased Casework

SALT LAKE CITY, May 07, 2013 (BUSINESS WIRE) — –Growth Will Help Reduce National Backlog of Sexual Assault Cases

Sorenson Forensics today announced that in order to accommodate increased forensic casework needs, the company has boosted its workforce by 33 percent, and has added 20 percent more space to its laboratory facilities.

Based on its national reputation for providing industry-best forensic DNA casework, the company recently secured several new government contracts, and has been expanding its team. A nationwide search brought in forensic scientists from all over the country, including recent graduates and veterans who served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In addition to fulfilling these new government contracts, Sorenson Forensics also hopes to leverage its increased workforce and lab space to help reduce the national sexual assault evidence kit backlog crisis. Currently, there are hundreds of thousands of untested rape kits stored at public crime laboratories around the nation waiting to be processed and tested.

“With the national backlog of forensic casework – specifically the sexual assault kit backlog – highly qualified forensic scientists are needed more than ever,” added Tim Kupferschmid, executive laboratory director at Sorenson Forensics. “With this expansion, we will be able to dedicate more resources to helping law enforcement agencies around the nation process the kits they have collected, and ultimately help bring closure to the victims of these crimes.”

About Sorenson Forensics

Sorenson Forensics ( is a leading provider of advanced forensic DNA services and offers industry-best casework to assist federal, state and local crime laboratories, assists officers of the court in individual criminal cases, and offers comprehensive forensic DNA services to private industry clients. Sorenson Forensics provides services, such as STR and Y-STR analysis; mitochondrial DNA sequencing; comprehensive biology screening; full serology testing, including blood, semen and other body fluid identification; DNA case consultation; expert testimony, validation services and laboratory optimization services. The Sorenson Forensics team consists of individuals internationally recognized for their extensive public and private crime lab experience and for their rigor in the exacting requirements of forensics casework. Sorenson Forensics has established an extraordinary record for helping to crack difficult-to-resolve cases, including previously unsolved “cold cases.”

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