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Sorenson Forensics Provides Advanced Forensic Services for Magical Elves, Inc.’s and Wolf Reality, LLC’s “Cold Justice”

Cold JusticeSALT LAKE CITY, Sep 24, 2013 (BUSINESS WIRE) — –Using an Array of Technologies to Extract and Profile DNA Evidence, Sorenson Forensics was the Primary DNA Lab Used for Most of the Cases

Sorenson Forensics today announced that the company has been selected as the primary provider of DNA testing on Magical Elves’ and Wolf Reality’s new real-life crime series “Cold Justice,” in which former prosecutor Kelly Siegler and former crime-scene investigator Yolanda McClary assist local law enforcement across the country in reexamining unsolved cases, some more than 20 years old. Sorenson Forensics has provided advanced DNA laboratory services, helping to collect and analyze the DNA evidence on most of these cases featured in the series.

Sorenson Forensics is a leading provider of advanced forensic and DNA services, and utilizes an array of technologies and procedures to extract and profile even the faintest amount of DNA evidence from a crime scene. One of the most recent technological advancements in DNA collection used by Sorenson Forensics on a case featured on “Cold Justice” is the M-Vac system, which uses a sophisticated wet-vacuum sampling device to collect significant amounts of DNA from immovable surfaces that cannot be transported to a laboratory for processing, as well as from porous substrates, such as clothing, fabrics, cement or rocks. The M-Vac system is able to extract even the most deeply embedded DNA.

Sorenson Forensics also uses Touch DNA technology, which helps determine who last touched a piece of evidence by gathering the most recent DNA from a surface. In addition, Sorenson Forensics employed highly sensitive Y-Screening to detect the presence of male DNA quickly, making it a more cost-effective option than other traditional methods.

“While working with the ‘Cold Justice’ team – as we do with every case and client – we have used everything at our disposal when examining the DNA evidence,” said Camilla Green at Sorenson Forensics. “We are thrilled that we were able to contribute to the reexamination of these cold cases and hope long-awaited justice is brought to the criminals, providing closure for the victims’ families.”

Cold Justice” airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on TNT. For more information about the program, visit:

About Sorenson Forensics

Sorenson Forensics is a leading provider of advanced forensic DNA services and offers industry-best casework assistance to federal, state and local crime laboratories, assists officers of the court in individual criminal cases, and offers comprehensive forensic DNA services to private industry clients. Sorenson Forensics provides services, such as STR and Y-STR analysis; mitochondrial DNA sequencing; comprehensive biology screening; full serology testing, including blood, semen and other body fluid identification; DNA case consultation; expert testimony, validation services and laboratory optimization services. The Sorenson Forensics team consists of individuals internationally recognized for their extensive public and private crime lab experience and for their rigor in the exacting requirements of forensics casework. Sorenson Forensics has established an extraordinary record for helping to crack difficult-to-resolve cases, including previously unsolved “cold cases.”

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