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Sorenson Genomics, LLC is an independent, nationally, and internationally accredited Human Genomics DNA Testing Laboratory.  A world-leader in human genomics and DNA testing services, it extends its high-quality, high-throughput DNA extraction services to a global market. The differentiated products and services produced from the Genomics Research and Development Teams provide a portfolio of solutions serving thousands of customers across a global landscape.


Sorenson Genomics, built a state-of-the-art, high-throughput DNA extraction, DNA sequencing and DNA genotyping facility in Salt Lake City, UT. A vision of founder, James Levoy Sorenson, biotech entrepreneur and businessman, Sorenson Genomics has been a pioneer in the biotech industry spearheading the development and influencing accreditation standards for human genomics and DNA testing services. Mr. Sorenson’s vision of connecting people around the world through DNA is being realized each day through human identity testing and population genetics at home in the Sorenson Genomics Laboratory. Built upon the foundation of science and integrity, our Human Genomics Research and Development Teams strive for innovative solutions to meet the complex challenges of today’s world as it pays tribute to Mr. Sorenson’s entrepreneurial success.


Sorenson Genomics Laboratory created Sorenson Forensics. Sorenson Forensics is a forensic industry leader providing forensic DNA casework services for federal, state and local crime laboratories and assisting Officers of the Court in individual criminal cases.  The forensic DNA analysts at Sorenson Forensics carry the most public lab work experience of any private DNA forensics laboratory.  Sorenson Forensics continues to innovate.  Products such as Investigative LEADTM, a law enforcement ancestry DNA test, and SoPureTM,proprietary organic extraction process exclusive to Sorenson Forensics, persist Sorenson Forensics domestic and international notoriety.


Sorenson Genomics DNA Laboratory utilized its financial strength to acquire Houston-based IDENTIGENE®. IDENTIGENE provided private (peace-of-mind) and legal (court-admissable) proof of biological family relationships for individuals seeking answers to questions of paternity. IDENTIGENE is a pioneer in the home paternity testing industry and the first DNA paternity test offered at retail stores nationwide. In 2009 it was noted that the IDENTIGENE DNA Paternity Test Kit had broken the retail paradigm for human genomics and DNA testing services. In November 2016, IDENTIGENE was acquired by DNA Diagnostic Center (DDC).


The Human Genomics DNA Testing Laboratory at Sorenson Genomics is equipped with multiple robotic DNA extraction platforms, liquid handling workstations and DNA analyzers which can accommodate a range of project needs from the smallest DNA extraction study to the analysis of thousands of DNA samples for STR genotypes and SNP genotypes per day.

In addition we utilize an extensive DNA laboratory process involving bar-coded DNA samples, robotics and a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). We employ Lean Six Sigma methodologies to provide quick, reliable and accurate DNA test results. The Human Genomics and DNA Testing Laboratory at Sorenson Genomics participates in many external proficiency surveys to ensure the highest degree of quality available in the human genomics and DNA testing service industry./F

Let’s Work Together

Our broad range of human genomics services enables organizations to drive down costs while improving efficiency through standardization.

Sorenson Genomics offers DNA testing services including high-throughput DNA extraction, DNA genotyping and DNA sequencing to government, biotech, academic, and other industry partners. A collaborative work-house employing strategy, leadership, and experience successfully across a wide range of industries and disciplines, Sorenson Genomics is the right choice for accounts large and small around the globe.

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