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Human Genomics DNA Laboratory Accreditations

Sorenson Genomics regularly participates in several proficiency and laboratory accreditation programs and maintains the Industry’s highest degree of accreditation and standards. We are fully accredited for a wide array of human genomics methodologies. Each accrediting body is certified to issue compliance only for a specific type or types of testing.

Gold Standard

The various accrediting bodies routinely evaluate the Human Genomics DNA Testing Laboratory at Sorenson Genomics for adherence to standards of cleanliness, competency, work quality, consumer privacy protection and results accuracy. The accreditation process of the Human Genomics DNA Laboratory includes sample accessioning, laboratory extraction, data analysis, and secure test results reporting.

The world class Human Genomics DNA Laboratory at Sorenson Genomics is built upon the three pillars of quality, precision and speed. We are proud of the efficiency and productivity of the Human Genomics Laboratory and believe that each of our partners deserves this gold standard.

Laboratory Accreditations

Quality Standards and Proficiency

Proficiency Testing (PT) is defined as the determination of DNA laboratory testing performance by means of inter-laboratory comparisons, in which a PT program periodically sends multiple specimens to our laboratory for analysis and/or identification.  The Human Genomics DNA Testing Laboratory at Sorenson Genomics participates in proficiency testing. Following the laboratory analysis, the organization conducting the PT program then compares each laboratory’s results with those of other laboratories in the group and/or with an assigned value.

NIST LogoSorenson Genomics adheres to the National Institutes of Standards and Technology’s Standard Reference Materials (SRM) for DNA Analysis to ensure consistent results.

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