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Human Genotyping, Relatedness, and Forensics

The Human Genomics DNA Testing Laboratory specializes in providing human genotyping testing, relatedness testing and Forensics STR analysis for its client-partners and business unit, Sorenson Forensics.  Performing core laboratory functions such as human DNA genotyping, DNA sequencing, fragment analysis and SNP-testing, the Human Genomics DNA Testing Laboratory at Sorenson Genomics supports the realization of new genomic discoveries.


Our forensics DNA testing experts are highly successful in the generation of DNA profiles. These specialized forensic DNA testing expertise are available through Sorenson Forensics. Sorenson Forensics Laboratory provides casework services for federal, state and local crime laboratories; offers consulting on forensic validation services; and assists Officers of the Court in individual criminal cases. Technologies offered include:

  • Comprehensive Biology Screening
  • STR DNA Analysis
  • Y-STR DNA Analysis
  • Mini-STR DNA Analysis
  • Mitochondrial DNA sequencing
  •  Blood, Semen, and Saliva Identification
  • Profiler Plus©, Cofiler©, Identifier©, PowerPlex 16©
  • Y-filer©, PowerPlex Y©
  • MiniFiler©


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