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Knowledge Experts in DNA Testing and Forensics

The Human Genomics DNA Testing Laboratory at Sorenson Genomics maintains a team of highly experienced Ph.D. and M.S. human genomics and forensic DNA experts with decades of DNA extraction, DNA testing and analysis experience. The human genomics DNA experts at the Human Genomics Laboratory consist of experienced professionals whose leadership impacts the global DNA testing industry.

Dedication to Excellence

Recognized for their contributions to genomics, Sorenson’s human genomics DNA experts are also active in developing quicker and more accurate applications for answering questions regarding biological relationships, characterizing ancient human migration patterns, and solving forensic cases. The skill set and unique mix of expertise of the human genomics DNA experts at Sorenson Genomics and within its business units has had domestic and international impact.

Sorenson Genomics led the genetic ancestry industry with the first commercial Y-STR DNA Ancestry test available directly to consumers.

Sorenson Genomics is a pioneer in the development and first-to-market leader in direct-to-consumer paternity testing at retail.

Sorenson Forensics is sought after internationally (Thai government, Chechnya, Israel, to name a few) for DNA testing and victim identification.

Our distinguished team of human genomics DNA experts has contributed genomics articles, publications, research, and other works furthering the understanding and utility of the industry worldwide. Our team of experienced and driven human genomics DNA experts and forensic researchers is not only a contributing force within the industry but also to the community at large in the furthering of scientific discoveries locally and internationally.


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