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Lean Six Sigma–a management and organizational process.

The world class Human Genomics DNA Testing Laboratory at Sorenson Genomics is built upon the three pillars of quality, precision and speed. Working to ensure that each of our partners receives a gold standard in quality and service we have created a company culture based on Lean Six Sigma for our laboratory processes and our employees.

The ultimate goal of our Lean Six Sigma Human Genomics Laboratory is to continuously improve quality while simultaneously reducing operational inefficiencies resulting in cost competitive service with industry leading turn around times.  Lean Six Sigma is a management and organizational process used for removing process variation and eliminating non-value activities.  The use of resources for any purpose other than the creation of value for the end customer is deemed wasteful. We are proud of the efficiency and productivity of our Human Genomics Laboratory and believe that each of our partners deserves this gold standard.

The Lean Six Sigma DNA Testing Laboratory at Sorenson Genomics focuses on operational efficiencies of its laboratory processes to deliver accurate test results in a competitive and timely manner. This translates into a win-win for both Sorenson Genomics and its valued partners

Lean Six SigmaLean 6 Sigma focuses on operational efficiencies to deliver accurate test results in a cost-competitive and timely manner.

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